Saturday, 20 February 2010

Beauty Will Rise

This week I've heard about a lot of people in this area being ill or depressed or something. One person I know even said this week that life wasn't worth living anymore. I hate to hear people say things like that obviously.

Also I've been reading Hidden by Cathy Glass and although it's hooking, parts of the story are quite shocking. And it's based on a true story. It's written by a foster carer and a child comes to her who has nothing with him and appears to have no records of even existing. His mother was a "drink-and-drugs" type. His past comes out and he had worked in a factory for long hours with little pay, kinda like the workhouses about a hundred years ago or so. But this was in this country. He had fallen asleep while working on a machine and had quite a wound, which of course wasn't treated as he wasn't registered with a doctor.

All through the story, however, the boy was positive he would meet his father again. Social Services couldn't find the man since he didn't know the address, but as the boy was on the Social Services records, his father did find him. All through the book he had been told it was unlikely he would meet his father, that it was probably impossible, yet he held out hope and it happened.

I found a song recently by Steven Curtis Chapman, called Beauty Will Rise. Obviously I know the story behind this album, about the death of his five-year-old adopted daughter when she was hit by a car driven by her older brother. But in this song it says out of these ashes, beauty will rise. "If you won't believe, I will believe for you" ... just like the boy in the book.

actually all the songs on this album are well worth a listen ...