Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Joy of Chrissie

It's all over blogland right now. Over on All Are Precious In His Sight, Chrissie has gone to be with Jesus. I don't think it's really sunk in yet. Although I don't know them personally, a few months ago God led my heart to this family, as He has to many others. From what I can see, she was such a beautiful and happy little girl, so full of joy, as was, quite appropriately, her middle name.

On Building the Blocks I just read a post about Chrissie too - about the phrase Boss Your Heart which, as stated in the post, was something said to Chrissie just before a miracle occurred. So what that post said was that in memory of Chrissie, who I know I will remember for a long time, to let God be the boss of our hearts. Forever.

"Jesus Jesus, precious Jesus, oh for grace to trust You more. I'm so glad I learned to trust You ... ". I'm so glad I have Jesus. I thank You Lord for Chrissie's short life and for the many miracles You performed during it. I thank You for the whole heart of love You gave her, although her heart physically did not work as it should. I thank You that she is now in Your arms and being loved by You for eternity. We pray for those left behind, in whose hearts her memory will always live on. I pray for comfort, strength and peace for the family and all who knew her personally. Amen.

As I said once before, something like this takes the importance of everything else away. It doesn't matter that I never met her in this life. God drew me to her in spirit, through the amazing gift of the internet. I still feel emotional over it. So right now I hope we will all keep her memory alive.

* This picture is one I did on Paint for Chrissie's prayer book. I feel it is indeed very fitting: she is Princess Chrissie, the daughter of our King, Jesus Christ. And now she is with Him always. Smiling all the time. And, one of the little hearts has an extra line through it. That wasn't intended, but the more I look at it the more I feel it is meant to be. She had a "broken" heart while here on earth, but now it is healed like the other full hearts on the picture.

Smile for Jesus Chrissie ... and everyone smile for Chrissie.