Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Children and stuff ...

Well, this is a collection of thoughts really, but I wanted to blog it all into one. Firstly, the other day while on a public bus I saw a toddler of about one or two years old sharing all the sweets in their packet with another kid. I did find that kinda sweet and it's a great start to kids learning to share early.

And an interesting conversation my mum was telling me she had with a five-year-old. Obviously I'm not going to name names or write out the entire conversation, but she had been learning about "Baby Jesus" in school and asked heaps of questions. When all her questions had been mostly answered, she asked "How do you know all this?" When told it is in the Bible, she responded with "What's the Bible?"

Quite honestly, that question is a bit frightening! What has this world come to, that kids have never heard of the Bible? We were discussing how much you can actually tell a kid when they aren't your own. Our church runs a group for kids and most that come aren't from Christian families, but just jumping on the bandwagon, so to speak. Just last week we were trying to tell them what we read in the Bible is all real, something I actually never considered during my childhood. Of course, when you start on teaching kids what's real and what isn't, you come back to that guy at the top of this post.

Santa. Sometimes if parents have to tell their kids Santa's not real, they then think Jesus can't be either. How exactly are kids supposed to understand what's real and what isn't? And is this Santa stuff really worth it? Anyone got any thoughts on this stuff?

Speaking of which, Christmas is just around the corner!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I was just reading up on a couple of blogs, both American, as a lot of the blogs I read are, and they are trying to find one thing to be thankful for every day, in the run-up to Thanksgiving. Of course we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but it did get a few things going for me....

Main thing: why is it that people who have the tough life seem to find it easier to be thankful? Then we, the perfectly ordinary people, seem to grumble and moan all the time! I'm not saying I don't - I complained this morning about it being cold. But I do think if we think hard about it each day, we CAN find something to be thankful for. After a whole term of wondering if this college course I'm doing was the right thing to do, and not really having friends, and losing heart a bit with my faith, the right people just came into my life at the right time!

God is good!

Last thing- my blogroll now has every blog I'm following on it, just to make it easier. Check out this one and this one in particular for the thankfulness in hardship!