Monday, 13 February 2012

It Is Not My Time

Another God moment I had to share!! I've probably gone on about the fact that the church we are at is always going on about hell and the need to be saved, which is really hard to listen to week after week. So week after week I am going on at God as to why my prayers for my friends have not been answered.

This time, He reminded me of some bits out of a book I've been reading lately, A Lineage of Grace. It tells the story of five women from the Bible, going into more depth. It does help to learn more about them and understand them better. Anyway, this is when I was reading the one about Mary. She doesn't understand why Jesus isn't showing Himself, nobody believes He's the Messiah, so she keeps on at Him to more or less hurry up! Every time He responds with "It is not My time".

This is what He said to me last night. The funny thing is that it actually seemed to be in contrast to what the preacher was saying about a sense of urgency, but what God was telling me was basically to wait and just trust Him. That's not an easy thing to do, but I guess it's the best thing to do!