Monday, 4 April 2011

"Children are a blessing sent from God above, for us to care and nurture and most of all to love."

I found the poem where this quote came from just after watching "Care Home Kid" on TV. Some parts showed children having good experiences in the care system, but others show that it's pretty bad. I think they said the statistic for kids in care ending up in prison / young offenders in later life was about 60-70%. Not good.

Aside from that, there are lots of people round here having babies just now, which is great for most of them! My childhood best friend just had one, and I think there's about 3 others from my year already had kids. I'm 18 (19 this year), so it just seems a bit soon for us to be doing that already!

The quote at the top shows what's most important: love. Every child is important. God cares for them and will provide whatever they need, in His time.

That's another thing I've been thinking about lately. God has reminded me that He does and will provide. With a few Christian friends leaving the area for various reasons, I've been wondering how I'm going to manage. God, ever-faithful, has reminded me of a time a few short years ago when I felt the same way. Just the fact that here I am again shows that He did provide for me, which is comforting to know that He can do it again.

After having a great weekend with Christian friends things are on a high for a while and then down the next week. I'm reminded now of the song "Party"! Good times here on earth are just a reminder of what it'll be up there. So for now, let's enjoy the good times we have and if anyone is struggling, just hold on and God will provide. "Oh the answer will come but only in His time, stand still and let God move".

And keep praying for all these children who are not getting care, nurturing and love! Through many situations, all over the world, it's happening still. We pray that God will sustain and provide. On the thought of getting us all together up in heaven, we also need to keep praying for those God lays on our heart for salvation. That's really hard to share about sometimes, so we just need to wait for God to provide the opportunity.

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