Thursday, 8 October 2009

Give this Christmas away

The title of one of the songs which I heard yesterday that has really made me want to make a difference this Christmas. This is the first, which came from the Big Idea (Veggie Tales) website. In my music collection it was followed by "Hands of Love" by Michael Harcus.

Putting these two together it had lyrics like "If there's love in your heart, don't let it stay there", "what about the people out in the cold, the starving and the hungry, by no fault of their own". There is a Christian company called Blytheswood, and through them we fill shoeboxes of Christmas presents for the poor. I haven't yet done anything for them this year, but these songs have encouraged me to do something, however big or small.

I also want to ask prayer for one of the families whose blogs I follow. The Stansels had sextuplets prematurely, and now only 3 are left. One is possibly going into kidney failure and they may have to say goodbye to this one too. I have seen this happen on another family blog, but with lots of prayer, that baby survived! Please lift them up in prayer and stop by their blog to give them some words of encouragement.

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